The Weedfish Background

The Weedfish. Aart van Dijk has recently finished the Short Doco “The Weedfish: as one of the two Directors. Together with Matt Silcock and Zoë-Rose Herbert they produced this story for Short Doco platform Loading Docs in New Zealand.
It’s an adventure story with a conservation message created so a broad audience can relate to it. Taking the viewer on an extraordinary underwater journey, showcasing the beauty of the New Zealand ocean as well as the increasing impacts we have on this huge but fragile ecosystem.

“NZ kelp forests are under threat. In a bold attempt to defend them, two marine researchers and photographers embark on a wild search for the Crested Weedfish. The goal, capture a powerful photo of the rarely-seen fish before its home is damaged beyond repair. Dive deep with us as we go along on the journey”

Watch the Full film here:


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