MAIKAN - because we’re just as passionate as you are.

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Maikan Film Productions works towards a sustainable future.
It’s that simple.

We make movies because we want to spread inspiring stories of people full of conviction who want to make a difference.

We are of the opinion that the pioneers, companies and organizations that bring about important change deserve to be seen.

MAIKAN - We make movies because we want to spread inspiring stories.

Our Mission

Are you creating a truly sustainable impact within your company? Are you working on small or large sustainable transitions, on ecological or social impact?

We know like no other that that is hard work. Committed entrepreneurs and employees often need support in convincing colleagues, stakeholders and clients of the direction of the direction they want to pursue.

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How we work

The beginning of each project, long before the first recording, is the most important phase to us. The foundation of a successful project lies in the introduction and orientation.

The better we can discover together the purpose of the video and understand your expectations as a client, the easier and more efficient our cooperation will be. And ultimately, the better the result will be.