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What we offer

We’re truly passionate about sustainability and nature and aim to create content and videos that genuinely help you make the desired impact. We don’t stop until we believe we’ve achieved this goal, even if it takes more time.

“We take care of all facets of the video process: direction, scripting, project management, camera work, interviewing, sound and lighting, editing, and, of course, the action shots. For many nature and sustainability projects, we also incorporate nature imagery that we create ourselves, both on land and underwater.

Of course, as filmmakers, we are true camera enthusiasts. We go wild on shooting in RAW, Super Slow Motion in 4K, and utilizing very advanced eye and face detection technologies. In practice, this translates to our unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality. This commitment extends to our equipment as well. We rely on the exceptional and versatile Canon Cinema Line for capturing footage both underwater and on land. In combination with gimbals, drones and other tools we are equipped for every situation.

MAIKAN - Passionate about sustainability and nature.

How we work

The beginning of each project, long before the first recording, is the most important phase to us. The foundation of a successful project lies in the introduction and orientation. The better we can discover together the purpose of the video and understand your expectations as a client, the easier and more efficient our cooperation will be. And ultimately, the better the result will be.

If you have a tight deadline and limited time for extensive planning, don’t hesitate to reach out to us too. We are ready to dive right in and make adjustments as we progress. With a bit of luck, we may even be able to complete your spontaneous and last-minute job still this week.

    We meet and discuss the objectives and expectations. This is often combined with a brainstorming session.
    We will prepare a detailed proposal that includes our comprehensive ideas, an action plan, a general schedule, and, of course, a tailor-made quotation.
    In the next phase, we meticulously plan the timeline. This involves scheduling shooting days, script writing, and arranging licenses and locations, where needed. This ensures that everyone involved is well-informed and knows what to expect.
    Now is the time to begin shooting. These days are special - intense and often a pleasant experience as we collaborate towards a shared goal. We work closely with our clients, functioning as a team.
    In the editing room, the story truly comes to life. We skillfully combine visuals, sound, voice-overs, and, possibly, effects. Often, when all these elements come together, we still get goosebumps.
    Even more gratifying is the moment when we can share the final result with our client and witness the outcome of our hard work