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An overview of the different types of projects we do. We focus on showing the inspiring beauty of nature. Parks, wildlife, landscapes, coastlines and mountains. And we help organisations and individuals that put all their energy in a sustainable society and a better and healthier natural environment with telling their story. Have a look at some of our work and get in touch with us with questions or to get a quote. Here an overview of some of the beautiful creatures we are lucky enough to share this planet with that we have come across both in New Zealand and in other places.:  

Sustainable Business and NGO's

We create video's for organisations, companies or events to help tell and share their important stories. This video is about the cooperation of two great Organisations. Honeywrap who creates Organic Bee wax wraps to wrap up your food and cut plastic wraps. And Forest & Bird a leading New Zealand Nature Conservation Organisation. Together they created a wrap with a beautiful design full of beautiful but endangered New Zealand Bird Species. A dollar from every sold wrap goes to Forest & Bird and the wrap launch was also used to create more attention for the "Bird of the Year election 2019", a yearly event by F&B to help raise awareness for NZ Bird Species!

Forest & Bird / Honeywrap - Bird of the Year 2019 Wrap Launch from Maikan Productions on Vimeo.

We helped our friends from Yarn Creative to produce this campaign video for Sustainable Coastlines. This New Zealand based NGO challenged people around NZ to share online how they connect with nature. A fun and inspiring campaign to help reflect on and celebrate the amazing role Nature plays for many of us.

Sustainable Coastlines Connect with Nature Campaign from Maikan Productions on Vimeo.

Short Docs and personal stories

Saving New Zealand's Unique Reptiles

We directed this video about Dylan van Winkels big mission: Saving the amazing reptiles of New Zealand. He wants to show as many Kiwi's as possible how mindblowingly unique our reptiles are in the world and why they're worth protecting. And what we can all do to help protect their future. We created this video in cooperation with Yarn Creative

The Muriwai Gecko from Maikan Productions on Vimeo.

A Conservation Succes Story

This a short Doc we created in cooperation with Matt Silcock of Digital Flight Productions about Michael Watson, guide on the "Bird Conservation Island" in New Zealand, Tiritiri Matangi. Turn your volume up at the start🤘

Michael is one of the younger guides on the island and has been educating the public, including many kids about the beauty of New Zealand Wildlife and Plant life that can be found on this remarkable little island. The tremendous passion that he and his colleague guides have for "Tiri" is incredible and inspiring to see. I It was a fantastic experience to see "Tiri" through his eyes.

Tiritiri Matangi, New Zealand, A conservation success story in Auckland's Backyard from Maikan Productions on Vimeo.


Solana and Mac

A portrait of the special bond between a young girl and her horse Mac..

Solana and Mac from Maikan Productions on Vimeo.

Webothonboard - Argentinian Passion for nature and boarding

Paula competes on a high level in skateboarding (for example 3 times Champion of the Argentinian national skateboarding tour. And here in NZ 1st place Oakura bowl in 2018-2019 and 1 place Bowzilla Wellington 2020). And thanks to her boyfriend Fede who is a great Surfer she has found a passion for one of NZ's most iconic sports too. They have a platform called "Webothonboard" with which they want to spark the same fire in other people too! With photo's, video's, lessons and more! They hope to inspire many to pick up a board too and experience the same sensations and develop a passion for boarding and the planet just like they have. "Play hard! Protect hard! In this video they share their experiences and show some of their tricks. They explain how boarding teaches them to be thankful for the amazing places they get to see and board in and how it makes them want to look after this beautiful planet.

"Webothonboard - Argentinian Passion for boarding and the planet in New Zealand. from Maikan Productions on Vimeo.

Arts: Video Clip for Westcoast Band Shady Brain Farm For North Island West Coast Band "Shady Brain farm" we recorded the video clip for their song Orbiter. A great and funky instrumental song. All the characters were played by the incredible New Zealand Dancer Rebecca Bassett - Graham.

Orbiter - Shady Brain Farm from Maikan Productions on Vimeo.

Painting with nature

Rusk is a very talented Muriwai Based Artist that finds all her inspiration while being out in nature. As an abstract expressionist she tries to show the viewer how she sees nature and what it means to her.

Kylie Rusk Full Story from Maikan Productions on Vimeo.

Up High: Maikan creates video's of beautiful area's, wildlife, landscapes and other with a bird's eye's view:

Drone reel from Maikan Productions on Vimeo.

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